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High-Quality Coir Logs for Effective Erosion Control 

Stabilizing Soil with Erosion Control Coir Fiber Rolls

Coir logs offer an eco-friendly solution for soil erosion control on slope hills, riverbanks, and shorelines. They help stabilize compromised areas, allowing new vegetation to regrow. These logs are constructed from biodegradable coir twine netting that encases a blend of mattress coconut coir. Typically, coir logs have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years before they naturally degrade.

coconut fiber coir logs

Coir Logs for Slope and Hillside Stabilization


Sustainable Solutions for Slope Erosion Prevention

Coir logs are an ideal, eco-friendly solution for slope and hillside erosion control. Constructed from natural coconut fibers, these biodegradable logs offer immediate soil stabilization, enhancing vegetation growth and protecting against soil erosion. Their robust design ensures effective performance in various settings, from newly landscaped areas to steep slopes prone to water runoff and soil degradation.

Shoreline Protection with Coir Logs


Natural Fiber Logs for Effective Shoreline Management

Coir logs provide an effective and eco-friendly solution for managing erosion along shorelines. This biodegradable logs offer immediate protection against wave action and water flow, helping to stabilize and restore shoreline areas. Their durable construction makes them ideal for various applications, from protecting coastal environments to reinforcing riverbanks and lakefronts.

Coir Logs for Construction Site


Natural Solutions for Managing Construction Site Erosion

At construction sites, managing erosion is critical to maintaining environmental compliance and protecting the landscape. Coir logs offer a natural and effective solution that ensure durability and biodegradability. These logs provide immediate erosion control, capturing sediment and stabilizing soil.

Benefits and Uses of Coir Logs


Discover the Versatility of Coir Logs

Their durable construction makes them ideal for various applications, including slope stabilization, shoreline protection, and construction site erosion management. Coir logs are an eco-friendly choice, offering effective erosion control without harming the environment.

Coir Mats and Wattles: Solutions for Erosion Control

Coconut Coir Retaining wall 5

Eco-Friendly Choice for Erosion Control

Coir mats and wattles provide natural and effective solutions for erosion control, leveraging the strength and biodegradability of coconut fibers. Coir mats and wattles not only stabilize the soil but also promote vegetation growth, contributing to long-term environmental health. Their ability to decompose naturally makes them sustainable and eco-friendly choices for erosion management.

The Origins of Coir Logs

beach coir log for erosion control

What it's Made From

Coir logs are an innovative and eco-friendly solution for soil erosion control. They are constructed from natural coconut fibers, specifically coir twine netting that encases a core of densely packed mattress coconut coir. The coir fibers are renowned for their durability and biodegradability, making coir logs an excellent choice for environmentally conscious erosion control products.

Coir Logs Production

coir mat rolls

How it's Made

Coir logs are produced from natural coconut fibers, a byproduct of the coconut industry. The manufacturing process begins with collecting coconut husks, which are soaked in water to loosen the fibers. The husks are then processed to extract long, durable fibers, which are subsequently dried and cleaned.

These cleaned fibers are formed into cylindrical shapes and tightly bound using coir twine or netting, creating a robust and biodegradable structure. Naturally resistant to rot and mildew, these coir fibers make the logs ideal for wet and aquatic environments. Available in various diameters and lengths, coir logs provide the necessary strength and durability for erosion control and sediment management. Their natural composition ensures that they eventually biodegrade, enriching the soil with organic matter and leaving no harmful residues, making them an eco-friendly solution for environmental restoration projects.

Coir Logs Benefits

coir logs for sediment control on shore


Coir logs provide exceptional advantages in controlling sediment, stabilizing soil, and promoting vegetation growth. Some of these distinct benefits include:

  • Environmental Friendliness: Coir wattles are eco-friendly, containing no synthetic netting or chemical additives, ensuring no toxic substances leach into the environment as they degrade.
  • Resistance to Rot and Mildew: Coir logs are highly resistant to rot and mildew, making them ideal for use in wetland areas, stream banks, and other aquatic environments.
  • Cost-Effective: Coir logs provide a budget-friendly solution for businesses looking for reliable erosion control methods.
  • High Reliability: Coir wattles can absorb up to four times their weight in water without degrading and typically last up to three years under most conditions.
  • Ease of Transport and Installation: Lightweight and easy to move, coir logs enhance on-site efficiency and are convenient to install compared to heavier alternatives like concrete or riprap.

Coir Logs Applications

coir log installation along shoreline

Uses of Coir Logs

Coir logs have a wide range of applications beyond basic erosion control. They are highly effective for restoring eroded ponds, lakeshores, stream banks, and coastal areas, allowing companies to stabilize these regions, halt erosion, and prevent habitat destruction, ultimately returning the environment to its natural state. They securely hold soil in place until vegetation can reestablish itself, often remaining alongside new root systems for additional protection. Coir wattles are particularly beneficial for various applications, including creating check dams in swales and waterways, perimeter control, inlet protection, slope interception, sediment trapping, water filtration, and dissipating low-energy waves.


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