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One Clarion  Corrugated Steel Tank Systems

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Customized corrugated tanks are tailored to fit your project's specific needs for fire protection and emergency water storage. If necessary, we offer custom fabrication services to ensure a perfect match.


Tank Types
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Upgrade Your Fire: One Clarion Tanks Provide Reliable, Cost-Effective Solutions

These reliable and economical tanks are a great alternative to the costs associated with upgrading municipal lines to accommodate your fire protection needs. One Clarion Tanks are built from durable corrugated galvanized steel. Our tanks can be customized to be fully insulated and heated and are available in multiple sizes. One Clarion tanks can be used for a variety of applications ranging from urban settings to remote locations. Tanks can be outfitted for potable water storage as well creating a “dual use” tank if desired to help offset infrastructure costs while maintaining fire protection capacity requirements. Many tanks comes with a structural design calculation package to prove equivalency to meet the NFPA-22 standard.


  • G145 Galvanized Coated Corrugated Steel Walls
  • NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for Potable Water Use Tank Liner/Food Grade
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Roof Structure & Corrugated Dome Roof
  • 2” Outlet with Nickel Coated Metal Ball Valve
  • 2” Drain with Nickel Coated Metal Ball Valve
  • 6” Overflow with Mosquito Screen and Flap Valve
  • Inlet Basket with UV Guard
  • Geomat Cushion Layer Tank Liner Protection
  • Tank Wall Moisture Barrier
  • Foam Roof Seal for Dust and Vermin Protection
  • Lockable Access Hatch with Removable Ladder


  • Poly lined steel water tank is durable, strong, and reliable
  • Wind and seismic load approved to US standards and regulations.
  • 20 year “Leak Free” Pro-Rata Warranty leads the industry and is supported by over 30 years of experience in choosing the right materials to survive the toughest of conditions
  • Fitted geotextile tank liner underlay provides the ultimate protection against liner damage for the life of the tank
  • Moisture barrier adds protection beneath the tank and also prevents base erosion
  • Hinged lockable roof provides secure access, and access hatch
  • Inlet includes a light guard to prevent sunlight from entering the tank, preventing algae growth

Tailored Tank Solutions: Perfect Fit for New Construction and Retrofits

New Construction


With new construction projects involving tank installation, opting for customized corrugated tanks ensures tailored solutions for fire protection and emergency water storage needs. With the option for custom fabrication services, these tanks guarantee a seamless fit for any project.



When considering retrofitting existing infrastructure with tanks, customized corrugated options offer tailored solutions to address specific fire protection and emergency water storage needs. With the flexibility of custom fabrication services, these tanks can be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing structures, ensuring a perfect fit.

Product Details

Capacity (Gal) Diameter Height Details
5,000 gal 10'7" 7'3" Specs Drawing
12,000 gal 17'1" 7'3" Specs Drawing
16,000 gal 17'1" 9'6" Specs Drawing
28,000 gal 25'7" 7'3" Specs Drawing
37,000 gal 25'7" 9'6" Specs Drawing
50,000 gal 34'2" 7'3" Specs Drawing
65,000 gal 34'2" 9'6" Specs Drawing
77,000 gal 42'8" 7'3" Specs Drawing
102,000 gal 42'8" 9'6" Specs Drawing

State Regulations

Building Codes and Regulations: States typically have building codes and regulations that dictate the specifications for fire suppression systems, including the use of corrugated steel tanks. These codes outline requirements for tank size, materials, installation, and maintenance to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Approval and Certification: Corrugated steel tanks used for fire suppression may need to be approved or certified by relevant authorities in the state. This ensures that the tanks meet specific standards for durability, reliability, and performance in fire emergencies.

Installation Requirements: States often have guidelines for the proper installation of corrugated steel tanks, including placement, anchoring, and connection to firefighting equipment. Compliance with these requirements is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the fire suppression system.


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