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Fire Suppression Tank Solutions 

Cutting-Edge Products Saving Lives and Ecosystems

One Clarion fire protection tanks offer a practical and cost-effective alternative to the extensive overhaul of municipal pipelines, ensuring strict adherence to fire code requirements. Our engineered fire tanks are meticulously designed to meet and often exceed the demanding standards set by NFPA 22 and FM, making them suitable for virtually any location. 

Comprehensive Fire Tank Solutions
We can assist you in selecting the right tanks, components, and accessories to meet your project's specific needs. With our support, you can gain project approval and maintain momentum in your endeavors.

Tank Types
Explore Our Solutions.

Corrugated Steel Tanks


Ensuring Safety with Steel Corrugated Fire Suppression Tanks

Customized corrugated tanks are tailored to fit your project's specific needs for fire protection and emergency water storage. If necessary, we offer custom fabrication services to ensure a perfect match.


Steel Bolted Tanks


Steel Bolted Fire Suppression Tanks: Your Assurance of Safety

In the relentless pursuit of safety, nothing beats the reliability of our Steel Bolted Fire Suppression Tanks. Crafted to withstand the toughest conditions, these tanks are your steadfast guardians when it matters most.


Fiberglass Tanks


Our Fiberglass Tanks Integrates Into Any Fire Protection System

Fiberglass tanks offer a wide range of material and design benefits. Their lightweight construction allows for easy shipping and installation as they are delivered as single-unit tanks.




Innovative Fire Protection Systems by HISHITANK

Utilizing a modular panel design, HISHITANKS offer flexible assembly options, optimizing space efficiency in various configurations. Unlike steel alternatives, these materials boast corrosion resistance and require minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for internal coating.


Pillow Tanks


Rapid Response: Portable Water Tanks for Efficient Fire Suppression

Durable and collapsible, our portable water tanks are designed for reliability and repeated use. These tanks serve as ideal water storage solutions for fire suppression in remote areas, forests, or rural regions prone to wildfires.


Water Trailers


Efficient Firefighting Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Water Trailers

Designed for swift mobilization, our trailers provide crucial support in remote or inaccessible areas where traditional firefighting infrastructure may be limited. Equipped with large-capacity tanks, water trailers ensure ample water reserves to sustain firefighting efforts over extended periods.


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