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One Clarion Pillow Tank Systems

 cert1       NFPA

Our pillow tanks are specifically designed for fire suppression, offering flexible water storage solutions for emergencies or temporary needs.


Tank Types
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Pillow Tanks: Essential Fire Suppression Solutions for Rapid Response

Built from durable materials and meeting rigorous safety standards, these bladder tanks offer a reliable and flexible resource for storing water in emergency situations. Whether deployed in remote areas lacking traditional water sources or strategically positioned near high-risk zones, these tanks ensure firefighters have immediate access to the water needed to contain and extinguish fires swiftly and effectively. With their collapsible design and ease of deployment, our pillow tanks enable rapid response and enhance firefighting capabilities, contributing to the preservation of life and property in the face of wildfires and other fire emergencies.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility: Pillow tanks offer flexible water storage solutions, conforming to various terrains and spaces, making them adaptable to different deployment scenarios
  • Rapid Deployment: These tanks can be quickly set up and filled, enabling rapid response to firefighting emergencies without the need for extensive preparation time.
  • Compact Storage: When not in use, pillow tanks can be folded or rolled up, minimizing storage space requirements and logistical challenges during transportation.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials such as reinforced fabric or polyurethane, pillow tanks are resistant to punctures, tears, and UV degradation, ensuring long-term reliability in demanding environments.
  • Large Capacity: Despite their compact size when empty, pillow tanks can hold significant volumes of water, ranging from hundreds to thousands of gallons, providing ample supply for firefighting operations.
  • Versatility: Pillow tanks can store various types of water, including potable water for drinking and non-potable water for firefighting, irrigation, or other industrial applications.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional rigid water storage tanks, pillow tanks are often more affordable to purchase, transport, and maintain, offering cost-effective solutions for fire suppression and emergency response.
  • Easy Maintenance: Pillow tanks require minimal maintenance, with smooth interior surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring water quality and longevity of the tank.
  • Reusable and Recyclable: Pillow tanks are typically reusable for multiple deployments and can be recycled at the end of their service life, minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.


Capacity (Gallons) Filled Dimensions (H x W x L)  Layflat Dims (W x L) Empty Weight (lbs)
25 9in x 2ft x 4ft 28.5in x 52.5in 5
50 9in x 2.5ft x 4.5ft 34.5in x 58.5in 16
100 9in x 2.5ft x 9.5ft 34.5in x 118.5in 18
150 9in x 5ft x 8ft 64.5in x 100.5in 21
200 1.7ft x 5ft x 5ft 5.85ft x 5.85ft 22
250 1.7ft x 5ft x 6.5ft 5.85ft x 7.35ft 27
400 1.7ft x 5ft x 11ft 5.85ft x 11.85ft 40
500 2.5ft x 7.5ft x 6.5ft 7.75ft x 8.75ft 42
750 2.5ft x 7.5ft x 9ft 8.75ft x 10.25ft 55
1,000 2.5ft x 7.5ft x 12ft 8.75ft x 13.25ft 60
1,250 3.3ft x 10ft x 10ft 11.65ft x 11.65ft 65
1,500 3.3ft x 10ft x 12ft 11.65ft x 13.65ft 70
2,000 3.3ft x 10ft x 15ft 11.65ft x 16.65ft 75
3,000 4.17ft x 12.5ft x 13ft 14.59ft x 15.09ft 90
5,000 5ft x 15ft x 14ft 16.5ft x 17.5ft 110
10,000 5ft x 20ft x 20ft 22.5ft x 22.5ft 225
20,000 5ft x 25ft x 29ft 27.5ft x 31.5ft 570
30,000 5ft x 25ft x 45ft 27.5ft x 47.5ft 609
40,000 5ft x 35ft x 38ft 37.5ft x 40.5ft 710
50,000 5ft x 40ft x 42ft 42.5ft x 44.5ft 980
60,000 5ft x 40ft x 52ft 42.5ft x 54.5ft 1135
80,000 5ft x 40ft x 71ft 42.5ft x 73.5ft 1550
100,000 5ft x 40ft x 90ft 42.5ft x 92.5ft 1700
140,000 5ft x 42ft x 110ft 44.5ft x 112.5ft 2600
200,000 5ft x 60ft x 110ft 62.5ft x 112.5ft 3450
250,000 5ft x 75ft x 110ft 77.5ft x 112.5ft 4300

State Regulations

NFPA Compliance: Many states require pillow tanks used for fire suppression to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, such as NFPA 22 for water storage tanks for fire protection systems. Compliance with NFPA standards ensures that the tanks are designed, constructed, and installed to meet specific safety requirements.

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