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HISHITANK Fire Suppression Systems

 cert1       NFPA

With over 50 years of design expertise, HISHITANK™ is a trusted name renowned for its reliability in fire suppression systems. Comprised of fiberglass-reinforced plastic panels, the tank is bolstered by an external steel frame and sealed with gaskets between each panel for maximum durability and security. 


Tank Types
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Revolutionize Fire Water Storage: Introducing Durable, Eco-Friendly Fiberglass Tanks by HISHITANK

HISHITANK Fiberglass Tanks, made with durable FRP, surpass the longevity of conventional steel or concrete tanks while offering versatile design options for each site's needs. Assembly is effortless, requiring no heavy machinery; simply fix the gasket between panels and secure them with bolts. With a square design enabling a wide range of configurations, it optimizes space and water storage compared to round tanks. NFPA compliant and NSF these tanks ensure water integrity with a 40+ year design life, complete drainage, and minimal maintenance. Leak-proof and modular, HISHITANKS adapt to evolving storage demands, providing a flexible solution even within constrained spaces, and facilitating easy relocation when necessary.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Construction: Assembling the HISHITANK requires no heavy machinery; simply fix the gasket between panels and join them with bolts for effortless completion.
  • Square-Shaped Design: Maximizes space utilization and water storage compared to round tanks, offering versatile design options.
  • Performance: HISHITANK holds compliance in NFPA and NSF, ensuring quality and suitability for beverage storage.
  • Modular Flexibility: Available in various shapes such as T-shape and H-shape, ranging from 265 to 320,000 US gallons, adaptable to different property structures.
  • Retrofit Capability: Ideal for renovating existing buildings, HISHITANK can be installed in narrow entrances or rooms, accommodating diverse installation scenarios.
  • Easy Maintenance: Requires no internal coating or rubberizing, simplifying cleaning and maintenance compared to tanks made of other materials.

Streamline Water Storage for New Builds and Retrofits with HISHITANK's Modular Solutions

New Construction


In new construction projects, HISHITANK's modular fiberglass tanks offer an innovative solution for efficient water storage. With easy assembly and versatile design options, these tanks seamlessly integrate into newly built structures, ensuring optimal space utilization and water conservation. Certified for quality and durability, HISHITANK provides peace of mind to developers and builders, delivering a reliable water storage solution that meets the demands of modern construction projects.



For retrofit construction projects, HISHITANK presents a transformative solution for upgrading water storage systems. Whether integrating into existing buildings or replacing outdated tanks, HISHITANK's modular fiberglass tanks offer adaptability and ease of installation even in confined spaces or narrow entryways. With minimal disruption to ongoing operations, these tanks enhance water storage capacity while requiring no internal coating or rubberizing for maintenance, providing a hassle-free solution for retrofit projects seeking efficiency and sustainability.

State Regulations

Building Codes and Regulations: States typically have building codes and regulations that dictate the specifications for fire suppression systems, including the use of HISHITANKS. These codes outline requirements for tank size, materials, installation, and maintenance to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Approval and Certification: Fiberglass reinforced panel tanks used for fire suppression may need to be approved or certified by relevant authorities in the state. This ensures that the tanks meet specific standards for durability, reliability, and performance in fire emergencies.

Installation Requirements: States often have guidelines for the proper installation of fiberglass reinforced panel tanks, including placement, anchoring, and connection to firefighting equipment. Compliance with these requirements is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the fire suppression system.

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