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Fire Suppression Solutions 

Dual Utility Bolted Steel Fire Tanks

These tanks can be seamlessly configured for potable water storage, offering a dual-use option that not only aids in offsetting infrastructure costs but also ensures that your fire protection capacity requirements remain intact.


Corrugated Steel Fire Tanks

Save up to 50% off with corrugated water tanks, 20 year “No Leaks” warranty included.  One Clarion Tanks are made for locations that experience little to light snow load, and are typically available at half the price of the competitors. 

Fire water tank line art

Introduction to Fire Suppression Tanks

Fire suppression water tanks, also known as fire tank systems, are large capacity firewater reservoirs that hold water solely for the purpose of firefighting. They are installed either underground or above ground, depending on the specific needs and requirements of a particular property. 


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Fire Water Tank Sizing & Design

Calculating the capacity of a fire water tank involves specific numerical values and considerations tailored to the unique characteristics of a building. 

Steel fire water tank

Various Types of Fire Water Suppression Tanks & Design

Common options include steel, fiberglass, and polyethylene (plastic) tanks. The selection of material depends on factors such as tank size, budget, and the required lifespan of the tank. 

Our complete list of Fire Water Tanks solutions

Explore our complete range of liquid storage, fire suppression products at www.water-storage-tank.com. We take pride in offering product the exceed the highest industry standards.

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About One Clarion

Based in Florida, our dedicated team has in-depth knowledge about water trailers to help supply our customers with the right water trailer product. But we do more than just sell water transport products. Customer service is important to us. We never seek to be a company that is simply transactional—we work with you to fully understand your needs to best help you in your situation today and in the future.


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